Saturday, November 20, 2010

I got an award! I am a versatile blogger?

I am a versatile blogger?
Well Jaclyn from Little Paper Trees thinks so...
Check out her blog! Little Paper Trees

So this is how it goes... I'm going to share 7 things about myself and then pass this award onto 7 more.
Here it goes...

1. I don't really like watching movies at the movies. I can't stand to sit through one for hours (which they seem to be these days) and I haven't been to the movies for a very long time. I think the last movie I went to see was the last Bond movie (at husbands request - he LOVES movies - recites lines from them and all)
2. I don't like my job. I really don't. I'm only sticking it out because we are trying to have a baby and I might as well have some stability.
3.  When we were little, my sister and I taught our little brother to sing Vanilla Ice's 'Ice Ice Baby' We thought we/it was hilarious! We still do.
4. My mum used to have this hideous "Palm tree singlet". My sister and I used to get it and put it in each others rooms and then when we found it would go yelling and screaming through the house about it. One year, many many years after we were "grown up" mum wrapped it up and gave it to us for Christmas... Ha Ha! It was very funny (or maybe you had to be there?) so now every year we take it in turns to buy "Palm tree singlets" for each other and give them out at Christmas.
5. My grandfather who will be 80 in January has an obsession with taking a photo of anything that resembles a name of one of his grandchildren. eg: My sisters name is Emma. He was somewhere??? and there was a place "Emma Cottage" so he takes a photo and sends it to her... I'm getting old... What did I do in London? Saw a 'Garden' with our family surname so had my photo taken next to it and sent his a copy!
6. I am afraid of birds. Even the little ones. I have to take a wide birth when I walk past them in the street and that's probably why I am not particularly fond of the beach (seagulls). Even chooks! I WILL NOT go anywhere near the chook pen at mum and dads.
7. Our house is one big shambles. But this week we got the great news that our plans have been approved by council!!! Now we have to do all the bits and bobs for the building certificate = Great news... BUT MORE MONEY..... I just want to start smashing down walls!

So now you know...

Now its time for me to pass this wonderful versatile blogger award:
1. Emmie Gemmie from Desert Darling
2. Sass and Spice (and baby Lily)
3. Donna from Snippets of my life (getting married this weekend by the way!)
4. GC Real Estate Girl
5. Nell from One the First Day of Marriage
6. Christie from Ie Love
7. Maxabella Loves and her 3 Tsunamis!

Not my surname anymore.... 


  1. I am with you on the birds! Check out my 7 things - Dear Olive tagged me last weekend, but thank you for your vote too! Isn't it awesome to get an award?! Hope you're feeling a bit happier today. That picture is very pretty x

  2. Hey Love thanks for the tag! I will get straight onto it..
    I think that is so sweet about your Grandpa. Quirky but cool!
    Would love to see a pic of the palm tree singlet..
    And awesome news about your plans being approved!! YAY!

  3. Hey Sammie - I am afraid of birds too! They're all evil, I hate them. Pigeons and emus are the worst.

    Discovered the blog just before my wedding & became a follower to come back to it. Only just remembered, so have been catching up on all your news.


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