Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Feeling Better

Thanks everyone for your wonderful words and support.
From a simple "Hugs" Thanks Donna
To an essay! from Desert Darling
And all the ones in between. I appreciate you all.
You have all helped me to feel better. I love how the blog community are all there to support you through the good and the bad.
My wonderful husband bought me home a beautiful bunch of Oriental lilies in Monday night too. I cried, but felt so much better because we had a good chat and I know he is frustrated too and that we are in this together.
Tomorrow we FINALLY have his specialist appointment with the Diabetes people and then I have booked to go to my normal GP in the late afternoon. I want to talk to him about the baby making thing. I don't think I ovulate every month? I have also heard about these blood tests you can get during your cycle to pin point EXACTLY when you ovulate so I want to talk to him about that too.
To you all out there in the blog world I send my love.

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