Monday, November 15, 2010

Down in the dumps

I'm feeling blue, grey and stormy today. I'm down in the dumps you could say.
I am doing my best to make the baby making easy, light hearted and have the "it will happen when it happens" attitude.
But it's not easy. Yesterday I found out a friends sister is now pregnant with her third child. Weren't even trying! Were supposed to wait till next year for that.
Is it horrible that I wasn't even happy? Wasn't excited. Just jealous and wondered why it isn't me.

And a friend of mine who's daughter isn't even 6 months old yet has gone back to work fully time. Yes thats FULLY time. 7am starts, 7pm finishes. 15 hours days, flying interstate. I just don't get it? Spend some time with your baby! Do you know how lucky you are?

Sorry for the vent today bloggy readers. But I needed to get it out. Sorry if I upset you, offend you or anything else. I'm just very very frustrated at the moment.


  1. I don't think it's horrible not to feel happy for your friends sister. I admire your honesty. I'm sure you politely pretended to be happy for them (which is the main thing), but it's human for someone elses good news to just make your own disappointment feel more acute.

    Not sure if this will make you feel ANY better (you might feel like punching me instead) but maybe imagining those in worse situations can help put things in perspective..
    Like those who really want a baby but don't even have a boyfriend yet.. or those who would love children but their partner doesnt and refuses to even try.. not to mention those who have no hope of ever having children due to illness or disease..

    I hope it doesnt sound like Im trying to dismiss your feelings of sadness.. Im not because I know Id be feeling exactly the same!
    But I guess I just want you to try and focus on the positives- you are happily married to a fantastic man, who loves you and really wants to have babies with you and you haven't really even been trying for THAT long and you both have your youth and your health on your side so I hope you don't let the sad days outweigh the happy ones.

    I KNOW one day (soon enough) I will click on your blog to see there will news of a missed period, or two lines on a wee stick, or an ultrasound image or whatever, and you will eventually look back at these trying days, accepting them as part of your motherhood journey and grateful that it has given you a full appreciation of the miracle of your baby.

    Till then My Sweet I am sending you positive beams of strength, patience and positive thinking from the West Australian Desert


  2. As cliched as this is, it will happen for you when it happens, you just need to believe that. I have a GF who suffered 4 miscarriages, went vegan and on every immaginable potion & vitamin to conceive and when they finally resigned themselves, it happened and she is now 5 months along expecting a baby girl. Another close friend was told she would never have kids so they tried IVF for 6 years to no avail then she randomly fell pregnant. She is currently expecting her second child now and the docs still cant explain how she conceived the first one. My point is, miracles happen, just believe in them and dont let the in between bring you down.

  3. Oh Shoe Sammie! * Big Hugs*

    It is perfectly fine to have a whinge and you are allowed to given this is your own blog!

    I really do believe you are going to be a great mother one day (does that sound weird given I don't even know you?! I'm not a stalker btw!!)...I mean you knew about nursery furniture brands before I did!!!

    I don't take for granted that I had a good pregnancy and a healthy baby given that most of my friends have had difficulties and knowing that in the future I may have difficulties too.

    LIfe is unpredictable which is difficult to grasp for people like us who work so hard all our lives to achieve goals and be 'good people' . And you would think that life would always be rewarding especially since it seems so easy for other people.

    So please remain strong, determined and positive and I'll continue to send you 'pregnancy vibes'!


  4. sending good thoughts your way, it's okay to vent and okay to feel this way, we're here to support you!

  5. A good vent sometimes makes you feel better. You're not alone in feeling a bit peeved/frustrated at your friend's sister. Other people's good news, when you're feeling down in the dumps is always hard to fathom. I agree with the other ladies here, it will happen for you in no time, and when it does you will look back at this frustrating time and not even blink an eye. The universe is just trying to match up the right baby with his/her Mama and Dada. When it's all aligned, you will definitely see two lines on that pee stick.


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