Friday, November 26, 2010

Great News!

Yippie! My sister and her husband just bought a new house!
They sold their house about a month ago and have been searching high and low for their next property without much success until yesterday!
I am so happy for them! And they are so very excited! There is going to be another renovation happening in the family.... But they wont do theirs for some time.

Here it is!

Have a great Friday everyone! After driving nearly 1500 km's in the past 2 days I have given myself the day off today!!! (But I am working tomorrow morning)


  1. Yay for them! How exciting.

    I fear we will never 'do up' our place. Money. Where can I get me some?


  2. It looks rad! Such a good sized front yard.. very exciting for them.. will they be having a housewarming party?

  3. Big back yard for the dog too!
    House warming will be combined with sisters husband's 30th at the end of Feb next year!
    Settlement day for them will be mid January.


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