Sunday, October 10, 2010

How many eggs in your basket?

When we were at mum and dad's last weekend we got a dozen eggs to take home!
Freshly laid by their chooks! (I think they have about 10 chooks)
They are honestly the best eggs ever!
After we have them for a bit, I find it really hard to go back to store bought ones... Even the "free range" "barn laid" "allowed to roam free" etc... ones are not as good as the ones that you know exactly where they come from, how they are treated and what they are fed.
Same goes for dad's beef. But it has been a very very long time since that has happened. Too hard, too messy....
Anyhoo... Thursday night we had a few with our steak and salad. Saturday I had one for breaky on an english muffin and we still have 8 left. Might make some scrambled eggs for me and my man this morning!!! YUM!!!

Oh Wow! Did anyone notice the date today??? 10/10/10


  1. we got freshly laid eggs from a friend and they were all double yolks!

  2. I'm trying to convince A that we need a chook shed in the back yard. How good are fresh eggs!


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