Monday, October 11, 2010

Happy Pills

Today we had an appointment with the GP for my hubbys diabetes.

Doc was really positive about the whole situation.
So Mr is on some medication to help, and is under strict instructions to exercise at least 3 times a week, plus keeping an eye of his diet.

I know the diet is good. We eat the same stuff!
As for the exercise... Well my Mr. had been a little slack lately, but I was really surprised when he popped to the gym yesterday when I couldn't be bothered (I did go Saturday though)

So it's all positive, positive, positive for now.
We have a specialist appointment on the 18th of November (that's how long we have to wait), so for the time being hubby will pop to the GP about once a fortnight for tests and stuff to monitor it all.

For some even MORE exciting news!!! My pap test came back A'ok and the extra pre-natal blood tests I had were all perfect too! So even with the hubbys small issue, we are still on the baby making train. Hopefully its 3rd month lucky and we have some good news soon.


  1. All fabulous news!
    Great that Mr Shoes is motivated about the exercise.
    And full steam ahead with the baby making! YAY! Sure your Mister is pretty happy about that too :)

  2. Good luck with the baby making! Hopefully all is good for you guys and you won't need to go down the assisted path like me (that being said it is great that it is there to help!)
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my page and your wedding pics are lovely!


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