Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ok, so it's my sisters birthday soon...
I have no idea what to get her... And after the 100% success rate I had with both dad's present and mum's present I really want to make this one prefect too...
It's just a normal birthday, she will be 28 so I will probably spend around $100-$120 ish ???
Help me! I don't know what to get her and she is so ever special to me I want to get something good...

Ideas??? Please???

And look how different we are! This was a picture taken just before we went off to the church on my wedding day (do I look nervous or what!)


  1. You're both beautiful... bride suitably nervous!!

    I think a lovely print is always special and meaningful. You could select her something she will love from etsy and have it framed. x

  2. What a beautiful photo- you are both gorgeous!

    There is definitely a high standard of gift giving in your family!

    Maybe you could get her a locket with a really nice picture of the two of you in it? Or a pic of your whole family?

    Or a day spa voucher (maybe one of those ones where you go and get pampered together?)

    There are lots of beautiful coffee table books around for all different interests- travel, photography, cooking, fashion.. depending on her interests?

    Some Colette Dinnigan/Pleasure State/Calvin Klien camisoles or knicker sets are truly gorgeous and the kind of thing that she probably wouldnt buy for herself?

    Good luck with the present shopping and let us know what you decide!

  3. If you go for the print idea check out Red Bubble we got our friends engagement present from there (a picture of Trevi fountain where he proposed). It looks great and is really meaningful to them. I second the underwear idea from Desert Darling too.

  4. hi shoesammie it's jessanomic! check out www.spreets.com.au, each day they have a deal a day with some amazing spa treatments etc. i bought some vouchers for my bridesmaids.. for $89 you got a 1hr massage, 1 hr facial, pedicure, etc etc etc. check out the recent deals page for a taste of what they have up.


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