Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have a lot of cousins... My mum and dad are both one of 6 kids!!!
My mum and dad have always been really close with dad's sister Robyn and her husband Peter (or Gibbo... he was also our MC at our wedding)
Peter and Robyn have 3 girls. Then there is my sister and I and we have our 2 brothers...
Their girls and all of my siblings are really close. We holidayed together from an early age and still sometimes do! We now just have a few husbands and boyfriends to add to the mix!

At my mum and dad's recent birthday bash the 5 girls seemed to hang out all night!
Here are a few crazy shots taken by my sister! (um, yep she is in the shots and taking the shots!)

*** Disclaimer *** these photos were taken after many glasses of champagne...

Me and my beautiful sister with a flower in her hair

Katie and Emma

Katie, Ellen and Me (with strange eyes?!?)

Katie, Ellen Me (all with fringes!) and Emma

The 5 of us! Me, Katie, Sarah, Ellen and Emma.
Big sister and little sister!


  1. Aw you girls all look so tight!!
    And what a gorgeous group of gals.
    I wish I were closer to my cousins.

    Loving your fringe btw

  2. Fringe is kinda new! About 3 hair cuts along and I LOVE IT!!


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