Thursday, October 14, 2010

Money Money Money...

Money Money Money... Must be funny...

I am very excited!!! I got a pay rise today!!!
I didn't even have to ask for it!!!
Got called into the bosses office today and I got all scared... What have I done I was thinking...
He had this piece of paper, turned upside down... I couldn't read it...
Oh no I'm thinking.... I always think the worst...
Well well!!! No!!! It was a letter confirming my new salary!!!
It isn't lots and lots, but it is quite substantial and I'm happy!!!

Yay for me!!!
And the best part? I get paid tomorrow!


  1. congrats! and you should totally come by the meet-up, i will only know two people and I think most people have never met before!!

  2. How wonderful to get a pay rise without having to ask! You are obviously an asset to your company!! well done


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