Saturday, October 9, 2010

I am (no longer) an ASOS virgin

Yep you heard it here first.
I have never ordered anything from ASOS until just the other day!

Here is what I ordered

I copied Desert Darling. She bought this a few days ago
She bought the maternity sizing. I wont be needing that as yet...
I have a wedding in a few weeks in Byron, so if it arrives in time, fits and I love it I will wear it to the wedding!

A great casual dress for hanging out in at home and cheap!

Another hang out at home dress (and for about $15 I couldn't resist!)

I'm a bit unsure on this one. But it was cheap and it could really work for work... I got it in the 'longer' length.

So there you have it, I am no longer an ASOS virgin.
If this order (that totalled to about $80 incl postage!) works out for me I will be back....

Not sure if that's a good thing? Or a bad one? Poor Credit Card I'm thinking...


  1. the print on that maxi dress is gorgeous!

  2. Lovely dresses.
    But watch out. ASOS is addictive :)

    Maria @

  3. I've been eyeing that maxi dress off!! But I'm so short that I'd have to have a massive amount cut off so that I could wear it, even with heels.

    I'm also an ASOS virgin, but I keep filling shopping carts up ... one of these days I'll actually click buy :p

  4. Donna, Me = S.H.O.R.T so I know I will need it taken up but at $30US I couldn't resist!

  5. Hi Sammie
    Thanks for your comments on my blog!! I just made my first asos order today as well!!! Nice selections!

  6. OOh I hope the maxi dress arrives in time and we get to see some pics of your wearing it!
    I love that short stripey one you ordered too..
    I'm still waiting for my order.. hopefully it will arrive soon..

  7. ASOS is amazing.

    The sales are brilliant. I bought 8 pieces in the last sale, for $75 AUD. BINGO!



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