Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunny Saturday

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I had to work this morning. But it's only for about 3 hours so it's not too bad.
I'm home now doing the washing and getting it all out on the line so it will dry.
What a glorious Sydney Saturday we are having so far!
At about 1.30 I will be leaving the house and heading out for a girls catch up and lunch!
Many reasons to celebrate!!!
Philippa is back after about 2 months in the UK
Nicole is going to have her last and final egg implanted in the next few weeks. Hopefully it all goes well and they get their baby number 3. We will also cross our fingers for a girl for her (already has 2 boys)
Holly had her birthday last weekend, but was away for it so now we all get to celebrate with her!
Not that we need an excuse for a catch up, but this will be extra special with all the bits and pieces that are happening and going on.
Then its home with the hubby tonight for our Peri Peri Chicken, which I had better get ready and marinating in the fridge.

Oh yeah! And check out some beautiful pictures. I found the site through Desert Darling's beautiful blog

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