Friday, September 10, 2010

My new toy

Look at what I bought yesterday! I was so sick of going through recipes and couldn't make them because I needed something as simple as a blender...
And now thanks to my friends at Harvey Norman I have one!!!
My new toy
Last night I made some Peri Peri sauce and on Saturday night we are going to stay home together and make this yummy Peri Peri Chicken (No fries though):

Mmm, Peri Peri Chicken
Hopefully it isn't too hot. I'm not a fan of really really hot, but like a little spice. Where as my husband loves really SPICY.
When I was making the sauce, I spilt red wine vinegar and olive oil on my uggs. Grr. Damn. I have given them a good wipe down and hopefully they will be ok.

Oh, and in other news... I got a little text from my sister last night...
She found my blog. I was a bit embarrassed about it at first. But she reckons its cool! So, if your out there little sis "Hi!, I love you. And can't wait to see you again soon"


  1. Wow great minds think alike :) I saw that recipe too and thought "for sure I am making that!" I might wait to see what you think of it first ;)

  2. Chicken wasn't hot at all... Will make it again, but will add one or 2 little hot chillies too.


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