Thursday, September 9, 2010

Party Time!

My mum and dad are both 50 this year.
Dad's birthday was a week ago and mum's is in a few weeks.
They are having a joint party together. We got their invite in the mail the other day. I thought I would be a bit funny and put a proper acceptance card in the post for them! (And um, request 3 nights accommodation) Mum will appreciate  this and will keep it forever. probably pull it out at my 50th!
The photo on the invite was taken at my wedding. It's one of the nicest photos of the two of them together I have ever seen. My brother Matt took it with his fancy camera.
They are really going all out for this party. Fully catered. Beer, wine and CHAMPAGNE! A custom marquee incorporating the house. "The" band... And all the bells and whistles! I'm organising a dessert buffet for them! I'm excited! Can't wait! We had a lolly buffet at our wedding, mum loved it and wants one for their birthday. But we are making it a dessert one instead.

Gee I love my folks! They are the best!