Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tiny Toes & a Name!

A gift for baby Arkie
Are they not the cutest socks ever!
Beautifully gift wrapped by me!

So last night we had dinner plans with Sammie and Chris and Philippa and Rene.
As I hadn't seen Sammie in some time I was finally able to give her the little gift that I bought the moment that we found out that she is having a girl! Aren't they the cutest ever!!!
We found out that they have decided on a name! Arkie. Different, unusual, beautiful! I love it!

So it was decided that they would all come to our house first to take a look over our plans and have a 'pre-dinner drink'. Sammie and Chris arrived first. Then about 5 minutes or so later we had a knock on the door and there was Rene and Philippa and Baby Hania!!!
There was big hugs all round, I hadn't seen Philippa and Hania for about 2 months because they have been away in the UK with Philippa's family.
It was super exciting because Hania wasn't going to come! Wow! She has grown! She is such a stunner! (Sorry, I didn't take any photos - I will soon though) She seems to adore my husband and just wanted him to hold her. He was also quite taken with her and was extremely happy to oblige.

We then headed off and had some dinner and a few wines. We had such a lovely night. I just love catching up with friends, having a laugh and a good time. It's always fun to catch up and Erin (My husband) and Rene have known each other for about 20 years. (And how about they both have girls names! ha ha!)

Now bring on the weekend! Saturday is girlie catch up day!!! About 8 of us all for a bit of lunch and a laugh. Cant wait!!!

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