Thursday, September 23, 2010

Little Miss

I am loving my Clippers Organic Decaf tea I bought last weekend! I like it nice and strong with a dash of milk and NO sugar.
This is a picture of me drinking my tea this morning!
My husband bought this mug for me and gave it to me the day before we got married.
Its a good size and holds the perfect amount of tea in it!
One the other side of the mug it has a little picture of LMN poking her head out the window and a little caption "Looks like a nice day for being naughty!"
Also, no coffee for over a week now! I'm not strictly caffeine free, I think that would be pretty hard, but cutting the coffee is a good thing! And I love tea anyway!!!


  1. Good work on being caffeine free (well mostly!) I don't drink tea or coffee and last year gave up diet coke too. I've just started a health kick so even chocolate caffeine is gone! How good is that?!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog - isn't married life awesome?! xx

  2. I love drinking out of nice big mugs- nothing more disappointing than drinking a cuppa out of a thimble!
    I have cut out coffee and diet coke but won't give up my tea.. Though I have been reducing the amount of caffeine in each cup by letting the bag brew in hot water for a minute, dicarding that water then reusing tea bag to make a weaker cup.
    I might give this decaf of yours a try though as it sounds good!


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