Friday, September 24, 2010

Another failed attempt

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Unfortunately we have had another month of failed attempts on the baby making front.
I was still sad and disappointed, but not as bad as the first month.
First time around I was shocked, sad, angry and so many other things. It made me see that we are not perfect. I am not wonder woman and we don't always get what we want straight away.
So that brings me to my latest purchase. Maybe Baby came recommended from my friend Vanessa. Her and her husband used the Maybe Baby while trying to conceive their 6 week old daughter Madalene. She has been a great source of support and I was shocked to here that it took them about 5-6 months of actively trying before she fell pregnant with Madalene.
So lets see what this next month holds for us on the baby making front.
Please cross your fingers for us.


  1. I'm sorry to hear this. It sux that after all those years of contraception and worry, we find that it doesn't happen as easily as we'd first thought. And suddenly a WHOLE MONTH between periods seems like a very long time indeed. "Why can't we have a period a week?" scarily you find yourself wondering.

    Good luck for next month! x

  2. sorry to hear that this was not the month for you. Thought I would let you know that we used temperature charting and it worked for us. I used to log it all down and chart properly. Good luck!

  3. Chin up lady, you're baby will be here soon, i'm sure. xxx

  4. Thanks ladies.
    It's all positive thoughts at the moment.
    We will get there I'm sure.

  5. Sammie I'm up to cycle 5 of TTC now. I don't count one month though because I was sick. Anyway, for the first time I tried the First Response ovulation predictor...apparently if the test line is very similar in colour to the control line you have to get busy within 24-36 hours. It can get really confusing because on the instructions it says if the line is lighter than the control line it's not time, but on the other hand if it is similar to the control line it's time. Does ya head in!

    I will let you know how I go, I have started the two week wait...urgh.

    Best of luck to you!

  6. Oh Love. I will have lots of positive thoughts pointed in your direction for next month!

    And just imagine how exciting it is going to be when it does happen..!! sure you wont have to wait as long as you think..
    THough I know two months it probably already feels like two years!

    Fingers and toes all firmly crossed!

  7. Mrs Junkie I really hope this is your month. That 2 week wait is horrible. Seems to take forever. All fingers and toes crossed for you.
    Desert Darling thankyou so much for your thoughts from the other side of Australia! And your right the 2 months seems so so so long. Hopefully we are on the right track and things wont take too long.

  8. Hi there
    The ovulation predictor kits are great, as often when we think we are ovulating we actually aren't. All the things you learn about your body when trying to conceive, being pregnant and having the baby are amazing. Your little person will come in good time. When we made the decision to start trying I also went to a naturopath who specialises in fertility just to be sure my body was on track etc. That could also be an option if you are despairing a little. That said, I think the average time is around 6 months, so don't get too worried. Good luck x

  9. We're been trying for a 3rd for 3+ years now. I've found the forums at to be great support and informative.

  10. Hey there Anonymous, I just read your comment. Thanks. I will try out bellybelly.


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