Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays

Yesterday I bought my mum's 50th birthday present!
It's a stunning pearl necklace.
I really hope that she will like it. I don't know? Maybe she wont?
The present will be from myself and my hubby, my sister and her hubby and my 2 brothers.
It's her 50th so she deserves to be spoilt!
I also had to do the shopping for a present for mum from dad. He is no shopper. Always says there was a reason he had 2 daughters! ha ha!
Mum doesn't have an eternity ring or anything, so I thought it would be nice to get her something like that. Also it was their 30th wedding anniversary earlier in the year so its a nice year to get something like that. Its a beautiful channel set with diamonds yellow gold band. Again... I hope she likes that too! It wont be a secret who bought it. She can tell every gift if it was me or my sister that bought it. She doesn't care, she appreciates the fact that dad at least calls one of us to get something. He does however, buy her flowers all  the time. 30 years on. 4 kids. too many pets to mention and they are still happily married and in love and about to have a big party to celebrate them both turning 50.


  1. Pearls are a perfect choice. Timeless and beautiful. I am sure she will love them.

    The eternity ring sounds lovely too. I'm sure she will have a wonderful day. x

  2. I want to be adopted by your family! You give such beautiful thoughtful gifts to one another!

    Those pearls look absolutely stunning. She will love them. I would love to buy my Mum a string of pearls as she has always wanted some. You've inspired me!


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