Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I want

Thanks Ebay for the image!
I never ever ever thought that I liked wedges.
Every time I looked at them, I just thought "Nup. Not me" That is until yesterday when I tried a pair on just like this in Witchery.
I LOVE these wedges and they will be a perfect addition to my shoe collection for summer!!!
But, and its a very big BUT. You can't get these anymore.
The pair I saw was at the outlet at Birkenhead point in Sydney. The "pair" was 1 x 38 and 1 x 36 in size!?!?!?!? What the????
So, I am now looking everywhere. I have found a pair on Ebay in a 37. Thats more my size anyway. My fingers are crossed I win them. They are a new pair. I couldn't buy second hand shoes on Ebay. I don't want someone else's foot germs.
If you have any bright ideas where I could get these shoes or some very similar ones pretty please let me know.
I am however heading to Bondi Junction for work thismorning, and last night I got a 60% off email from Witchery! Yipee! I just might need to find some time to pop into the store and check out the sale!


  1. Hope you win them! Not a big fan of wedges myself, but dang they are comfie - and these ones are cute!

    P.s. Sorry I've been away. Catching up today!

  2. Can you believe I have these exact shoes? I didn't think much of them until I saw a friend wear them and bought them on sale but in a size 36 which is rather tight for my pregnant swollen feet...not the wisest decision but they do look good with a lot of clothes. Good luck with the auction!

  3. I don't usually like wedges but they are very nice! Congrats on the win! (I admit I have bought 2 pairs of 2nd hand shoes on eBay... they were vintage! LOL)

  4. Chanel - Vintage is a whole different story! Totally ok with foot germs and vintage shoes!!!


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