Sunday, May 3, 2015

dining table

When we bought our old house in Sydney we also bought the dining table that was in the house! We have loved that table for as long as we have owned it and still do, but felt it was time for something a little bigger.
When we moved and bought new chairs for that table we decided to buy 8 chairs. we could squeeze 8 around the table if needed so it was handy to have the extra seats.
When we moved to our new house we knew we wanted and needed a bigger table.
Looking around I found just what I wanted! Woo! for $3000+ Boo.
My brother in-law who is just starting out in business said no probs! I can make that! He had made their dining table! (He is an upholsterer by trade)
We have waited what feels like AGES! But it has been so totally worth the wait!
As the business is up and running I will give some more details but you can find him on Facebook by searching for 'Marriott Furniture/Upholstery (link if it works )

Now the list of things I still have for him to make/build/re-upholster... It's a mile long!


  1. I really love this table Sam! I wish Marriott Furniture was Qld based ;)

  2. He is amazingly talented that is a gorgeous table!


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