Saturday, April 11, 2015

looking up

After we pulled out the wardrobe in Lach's room and had the new ones installed we then had to get a plasterer in. That proved difficult! Just trying to get someone to return our call. Finally we had someone in this week. After looking at the cornice, it was noted that it was a botch job last time and to find matching cornice was going to prove difficult. After a discussion it works out only slightly more expensive to just replace all the cornice!
Plus the ceiling in the main BR is quite cracked, the ceiling rose off centre (and blue!) and has no cornice at all!
Markus (the plasterer) repaired the wall, fire place and ceiling and has ordered the new cornice and ceiling rose which will be installed in about 2 weeks.
There was way way too many ceiling roses to choose from! The main BR is actually quite small due to the WIR so we wanted something quite simple so it didn't overtake the room.
Quite a simple cornice. But works with the rooms and we like it!

Choosen ceiling rose for the main BR - image via (there was over 70 to choose from!)
The plaster on the outside of the chimney is in a pretty bad state and the plasterer has done the best he can. He suggested perhaps making a feature of it using wallpaper? So this might be something we will look into, but we will get everything painted first.

Getting there...
And this was what it looked like: HERE

Still lots and lots to go. Shutters in 6 more sleeps though!!!


  1. I am enjoying seeing it progress, I wish we were moving this quickly!

  2. Yay so exciting but my gosh so many decisions to make!


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