Friday, March 28, 2014

It's been a little while

It's been. Little while and I've fallen off the 52 project wagon (I plan to get up to date!) but I'm enjoying being at home again with both kids and being a mum!
In and out of hospital with L and his operation and currently toilet training. Oh the dread but it's time.

So lots going on and lots in my mind.
When I finally get the hang of it all I'll be back!

My husband is amazing and a wonderful support.
Abi is a delight! (& entirely frustrating with this toilet training)
And Lachie is just beautiful! And FINALLY smiling! Not often but he is!


  1. Well done Lachie! You have much to smile about xxx

  2. So glad to hear Lachie is well!
    Toilet training is so frustrating, in the end we 'ran out' of nappies because Eve would just go put one on herself! Now we are trained during the day, nights are a bit hit and miss!

  3. Yes somehow we also found ourselves toilet training with a newborn.. The most frustrating thing in the world! Is Abi still doing any daycare days? It was moving up into the 2-3yr old room and seeing the other kids doing it that finally helped the penny drop for Bay.
    Oooh newborn smiles... Is there anything sweeter? I think not


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