Monday, January 13, 2014


"A portrait of my daughter once a week every week in 2014"

Abigail 'helping' nana & Daee (pop/grandpa) feed the 'goggs or dodds' in nannies too big for her but adamant she MUST wear thongs.
A litte cheating if I must this week. My dad actually took and sent this pic to me while I was at a hospital appointment for B2. Cheered me up and made my long wait a little more bareable. 

Following along with Jodi from Practicing Simplicity. Still need to sort out my linking. But I have a good excuse why I haven't sorted that out yet. Two actually. I'll explain all in a blog post this week. 


  1. So lovely. We take a daily photo of Lillibet with the Tinybeans app. It automatically emails the photo to nominated friends and family. Such a hit x

  2. Such a cutie and what a good helper! xx

  3. Holey Moley it's not twins is it? Haha
    Hope all well with you and B2
    Love the big thongs xx


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