Saturday, September 7, 2013

birthday central

It's been birthday central around here + add in Fathers Day and there has been way too much cake, sweets and bad food consumed.
My darling little niece turned one!
I was supposed to be official photographer on the day, but was feeling pretty poorly and didn't do too good a job. OOPS! Here's a few snap shots from the day.
The 'lolly & sweets' table! YUMMERS! with all the favourites and some fruit skewers made by me for a little bit of healthy (but I forgot to photograph them!) The birthday girl also got a Cabbage Patch doll for her birthday! And the presents there were only at the start! Many many more joined them! 

Mmm! Scrumptious cake! Well the birthday girl thought so!

Can not help but to photograph my own little one! Enjoying a piece of fairy bread! Yummers!

Beautiful family and a grumpy birthday girl! 

My sister made this awesome cake! cake was THIS recipe (I used the same one for Abi's first birthday cake last year) and the cake itself was inspired by Raspberri Cupcakes - Version here

The very next day was Fathers Day and my dad's birthday. Double wammy! and I said I would make his cake! Inspired from a cake in the Womans Weekly Kids cake book I made my own version! I jazzed up the actual cake and made in a white chocolate cake and it was delicious! 

The weather was so amazing that day that the girl bared both legs and arms! but still wanted to carry her umbrella! Cute! 
There's been lots lots more happening but that should do for now! We have another birthday celebration today! Yikes! A cousins 18th. Not too sure if I will make it as I am STILL sick but we will see. And on that note, I normally NEVER get sick! And should just keep my mouth shut... Because look what happens... 

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  1. Her outfit is adorable! Love the umbrella! Hope you're feeling better soon x


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