Thursday, August 29, 2013

keeping it low key

So the girl turned two. Refused her nap at day care, had a sing song happy birthday and totally spit the dummy so they got her to have a late afternoon nap at 3pm!
Mum picked her up and I got to their house about 5pm.
The plan was to keep it low key, immediate family only for a bit of a party food dinner, a few presents and home early.
Then my dad came home and this GOD ALMIGHTY BOX CAME IN THE HOUSE...

My dad likes to go off on little tangents and once he has an idea in his head THAT'S IT! So Abi is now the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz 300SL pedal car! She ADORES it! My niece Ally ADORES it! And it was a HUGE hit all round.
I've been working for my dad for a few weeks (finished now) and didn't even spot this arrive, sit outside of the spare parts dept all day or get hauled into the back of his ML! It's massive and so far has been sneakily left at my mum and dad's house but I know I'll only get away with that for so long. 
I was totally surprised by it and I actually love the way dad puts thought into this kind of thing (even if it's last minute)

So we did want to keep it low key and we got the girl a Cabbage Patch doll and a HUGE 2 balloon! She wasn't a fan of the balloon which surprised me because she normally loves them! too big maybe?

Working, morning sickness, exhaustion but I still managed to make her cake! Didn't turn out as well as I invisioned but I'm still pretty proud and impressed with my effort! (tasted good too!)

Last, but not least, the night ended with the two littlies in the Bonds Wondersuits (for how much longer I'm not sure we can get away with a 2yo in a Wondersuit!) and this adorable photo being taken. 
It's my nieces FIRST birthday this Saturday so there will be a huge celebration and we will see lots of other family which will be great! 

So my little girl is 2! And growing bigger, stronger and a personality plus each and every day! So not a baby anymore.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday. My cousins had a similar pedal car when we were little and it was awesome, a great present that will last for such a long time!
    We also had the 2 balloon, it lasted so long that we actually ended up letting it down last weekend just to get rid of it.
    I think you did an absolutely amazing job of the cake!
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Nothing cuter than bonds wondersuits :-)

  3. That cake is perfect and what a brilliant surprise for her. Xoxo Jess

  4. I loved the cake and thought the car was to die for!


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