Saturday, August 17, 2013

number 2

2 is a pretty significant number for us right now!
We are very pleased to announce to the world that baby O number 2 is on the way!

And the second news is that next week Abigail turns TWO! 
So theres two bits of news based around the number 2!

I have been a very bad blogger. I just didn't feel like I had much to say! But well I couldn't help but pop past and share this (many of you who may still read this blog follow me on Instagram now so will already know anyway!)
Hopefully I can come back to this space on a little bit more of a regular basis now and share my second pregnancy journey with you. 


  1. Congrats Sammie! I just started following you on Instagram. Happy Birthday to Abigail. My son turned 3 today =)

    Mrs A

  2. SO excited for you all, that's wonderful news!

  3. Yay yay yay!
    So excited for you Sam xx

  4. Sammie!! Congratulations!! What beautiful news! You must be ecstatic! I hope the first trimester has treated you well!
    Wow Abi a big 2 year old girl! Would love to see some photos. I should probably join Instagram.. seems all the cool kids are doing it!

    Very happy for you my Love xoxo

    PS. Yours will have a lovely age gap, you were asking about ours- 2yrs 2months

  5. That is awesome news!!! Congratulations xxxx


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