Monday, April 15, 2013

jump jump jump

If you feel you want too....

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Having a child PLUS a husband that leaves early for work and comes home late PLUS currently 'living in the sticks' living in the outer suburbs leaves me with little time to do any exercise on my own.

Way back when I was training ALL THE TIME and more specifically getting in shape to look fabulous in my wedding dress I was doing a lot of skipping.
My PT at the time stole borrowed a skipping rope from the gym and oops! What do you know I still have it now! (It's a yellow 'jump rope for heart' one - remember doing the skipping at school? collecting donations and getting different prizes? well I do!)

So, I just may have put on a little a lot of weight (ok 5kg's) since I stopped breastfeeding and going back to work... But after multiple moves I found my skipping rope the other day!

It's been the perfect exercise to do while Abi is asleep.
Phew! It's hard work though! I never remember it being this hard!

What other things can I do at home to exercise? What do you do?


  1. Lots and lots of walking. Georgie also loves the park so I seem to chase her a lot around the playground...

  2. Oh I applaud you! I hate hate hate skipping.

    I do my two pt sessions a week but I really should be doing more planks/bridges (45secs x3) each day to strengthen my core. It was crap before Logan and it's shot now!

    I found pinterest handy for home workouts. I try and get in some squats and pushups against our benches when I'm feeling extra bad!

  3. Get a step stool and just do step ups and downs on it while you're in front of the TV. I do this when the kids miraculously nap at the same time. :)

  4. Try the Jillian Michaels shred. I was doing the 30 day one and found the full thing on Youtube.

  5. I use a calorie app. It keeps me honest after every meal (and snack!)

  6. Around the corner from me, a friend runs CrossFit sessions so I've been doing that. At home I don't do much and when I go on maternity leave I'll quit gym at work and enrol in the community one so I can put Lily in the creche and work out. I don't do much at home though!

  7. urrghh.. I gotta get moving.. never thought to try skipping..!!


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