Wednesday, October 17, 2012

photo op

On the weekend Abigail and I are heading to Sydney for a visit, to catch up with lots of our friends and to also have her '1yo photo shoot' a little late considering she is nearly 14 months! But I haven't found someone in Melbourne to do them as much as I love ALL of Kath's photos.
Kath did our newborn shoot and even came and took some more extra special shots with my sister and mum when they came to visit.

Remember when she was this small!?!?!
Just 9 days old!
More shots HERE & HERE

This is what Abi will be wearing (well if it arrives in time!)

It's Purebaby and I got it from Baby's Got Style
I think I will wear my soon to be new/old dress...
Hopefully it turns out! Basically what I have done is got a dress from my wardrobe that I wasn't wearing and could never see myself wearing again because it was just way way too short! Add Abi onto my hip and I would have been showing my knickers for sure!
It's a lovely white dress and I have bought some very similar black material and currently have a dress maker turning it into a maxi dress for me! Very 'colour blocking'. I'm also doing something similar with a few other dresses. So I'll post about those another time (and once I get them back!)

Can not wait to see the rend result! I trust Kath implicitly! She is actually the wife of one of the GM's (not mine) at work. I've always loved her work. I think she does an amazing job!

Kath Ellis Photography. - Abi and family feature quite heavily in her NB section on her website! And well why not she is so adorable!


  1. That dress will be gorgeous. One of my favourite tops from when Eve was little was in that print. Hand wash it though or it will pill.

  2. A friend of mine has Kristen Cook take all her family's photos. They are wonderful:

    K x


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