Sunday, October 14, 2012

Flying Family Fun

My parents birthday's are within a month of each other.
They have everything! Buying gifts for them is hard!

This year we decided to all pitch in (my sister and two brothers) and organise something a little different for them.

All of last year our youngest brother was training to become a pilot. And most of this year he has been training to be a 'training piolt' in Shepparton VIC.

So yesterday Jack took mum and dad flying! And they landed at Milawa at Brown Brothers Winery. We had arranged to take them to lunch at The Epicurean which is the restaurant at Brown Brothers.

My sister, other brother, the two little girls and myself drove up to meet them and surprise them for lunch! They had no idea we were coming!

It was a long drive for us, but was really worth the effort and fun that we had! The meals were very very nice! The wines lovely (Brown Brothers OBVIOUSLY!) The service ok. BUT! No Beer?!?!? Now I understand it's a winery, but no beer? Really? And such a shame for dad as he doesn't drink anything else.

We still had a great time though. Here's a few shots from the day. (no food photos - I always forget!)

The table looked great! Abi hanging out with her pop! She just adores him! My dads sister and husband (known now as GUG & GAR - long story) came along as they live quite close to Milawa.

Those glasses are lined up! All food is served with a 'complimenting' wine and theres a glass of sparkling on arrival.

Camera show off and hanging with pop!

Shoes off (she hates them!) and having some park fun with nana! (She says nana more than mum at the moment!)

Sisters and Cousins!

Love this kid! But can never get the sparkly blue of her eyes to stand out on iphone pics

The pilot (or the joke is 'pirate') and his little nieces.

An actual family photo! (minus my sister and my working husbands) - I can't not remember the last time we had a family photo! So this is pretty special! (And Alexandra is 'out' not 'in' now too!)

Abi has this thing that if you say or she says "HOORAY" she put her hands in the air. But we couldn't get her to do it! Just us! - Gosh! How short as I compared to the rest of my family!

The drive home and we were all pooped. I was in the back of my sister 4WD with the two little ones who both slept pretty much the whole way home.


  1. How precious! What a beautiful family fun day out!!

  2. Abi is so awesome. It looks like such a lovely day (even without beer as weird as that is).

  3. What an awesome present and surprise for them!

  4. What a lovely celebration! We stayed at Lindenwarrah (opposite Brown Brothers) once upon a time. Beautiful part of the world. Abi looks so grown up and gorgeous :)

  5. Sounds like a lovely day! Abi looks so grown up these days!
    By the way, I grew up in Shepparton, mum and dad are still there!

  6. aww she's growing up too fast! the hair clip looks super cute by the way(it's bec from felty-tales)


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