Thursday, June 7, 2012

Successful Failure

Seriously the oven in the house we are currently living in is crap...
I decided to make a chocolate cake the other day following Leah's recepie from The Home Empress
After 20 mins in the oven it was looking like this:

 Hmm... I thought. Not quite right... But I thought I'd leave it fro a bit and see what happened.

And after nearly burning the ganache (can't quite seem to get it right) it turned out looking like this:

Not a fluffy light chocolate cake, but a little more puddingy and dense. And actaully quite nice! 
And Leah had the right idea about zapping it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm and soften it up a little! YUMMY!!!

But seriously the best bit? Letting Abi 'lick' the spoon!

A bit naughty giving Abi chocolate cake mix... but it's not like I give her bad stuff all the time...
And the top did end up much much dirtier than this shot.


  1. It looks like a meteor hit it in the oven! Always good when a cake still turns out OK despite what it looks like while cooking - Yum!

  2. Go Abi! IMO licking the bowl is always better than eating the cake!

  3. As long as it tastes good looks don't matter!
    Naughty treats are fun, it's not like she's on a diet of chocolate milk and chips. Besides how could anything that adorable be wrong?

  4. Yay you tried it! I hate getting used to a new kitchen, especially the oven! Takes forever to work out. Thanks for the mention Sammie xoxo

    My goodness Abi is such a big girl now, I let Georgi lick the spoon too hehe! <3


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