Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Do you have something that you just love to eat, but for the life of you can't cook it?
For me it's risotto.
I just love risotto. If it's on the menu when I go out there is a 99% chance I will order it.
But for some reason I just have never been able to cook it.
What? I hear you think? It's a bit of rice, stir, stir, stir with stock and your done.
Well not so for me... And I don't think I'm alone! I don't watch Masterchef anymore, but I do see the adds and I get the impression that many a contestant have failed miserably making risotto.

I had a craving, I desperately wanted risotto so last night it was risotto for dinner. After having a chat to my sister on the phone, I was given what appeared to the the secret...

"Cook the onion and garlic, coat the rice and wack in your stock and LEAVE it" 
Leave it I was thinking... you can't do that!

So off I went and I did just that! I left it! And look at this! Scrum-didily-umptious! risotto!

Risotto with pumpkin, spinich and mushrooms.


  1. Replies
    1. It was!!! And I have leftovers for lunch!!!

  2. I do the same thing, i dont have time to ladle in stock. So i dump the whole lot in and leave it, always works for me :)
    Looks delicious.

    1. I'm supposed to be chocolate cake making today!!! If only I could get Abi to bed...

  3. Oh yum! I'm like you, can never prefect it. Always so gluggy :(

    I'll have to give the secret of leaving it, a go!

  4. Lazy risotto making = the best risotto result for me! :-)

    Who can be bothered stirring for half an hour?!

    1. I don't think it even took a half an hour!!!

  5. Mmm I love risotto too. I've never tried the leave it method have always been too scared to but going to give it a go once I get my hands on my new kitchen!

  6. try oven baked risotto....even easier. I use the most delicious recipe for mushroom risotto, from weight watches of all places!

  7. It looks great! I think my risotto is good but no one outside my family has judged it so it could be all wrong and I wouldn't know.

  8. I love risotto too! The thermomix is so good for risotto...17 minutes left to its own devices and it's done :)

  9. I must give this method a try as my risotto is usually a bit of a disaster too.. ages spent slaving over a stove with only a gluggy mess to show for it at the end!

    Another one really wanting a thermomix!


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