Monday, March 5, 2012

eat you're greens!

Moving onto solids has been a bit of a nightmare in this house...
Abi just wants milk. And not milk from a bottle... Just from her mum.

Last week we went to visit the health nurse and the Doctor and both suggested to just stop solids for a week and start again.
Today was that day to start again.

Breakfast was toast with avocado. Lunch was some Apple (she ate a whole ice cube size!)
And dinner firstly we tried some puree carrot and then I gave Abi some steamed zucchini and broccoli...

We have decided to take a look into 'baby led weaning' I still don't know a lot about it so any recommendations you can give me on books to read, websites to look up etc... would be very appreciated.


  1. Ni website - just the advice I was given by the maternal & child health nurse to not worry unless they (my twins) stopped growing or started to loose weight. They weren't on solids til at least 8 months, maybe 9 months. My first was on solids at 4 months.

    Good luck and I know how hard it is to not stress with your first...but when she is ready she will eat.

  2. The Mummy in blogged a bit about baby led weaning and I think she had great success with it. Whilst I never took up baby led weaning with E I found it interesting to read about their experience with it.

    Mrs A

  3. Baby led weaning rocks! Bay devours whatever we put in front of her. I recommend the book by Gil Rapley. It is about taking the power struggle out of mealtime, empowering them to feed themselves and trusting them to eat what/when they need. It will put your mind at rest if it takes a while before Abi is ready to get stuck into eating much. Good luck!

  4. I've heard that BLW can take some time, with much more food on the floor than actually swallowed (though I imagine it's the same with rice cereals and things being spat out all over the place!).

    Good that she's a good milk drinker, as breastmilk should still be Abi's major nutritional source until 12 months - any nutrition from her greens are a bonus!

    Look forward to seeing how she goes with her solids over the next few months, hoping to pick up a few tips for my little boy.

  5. Well she must gad had some zucchini... We found some in her nappy this morning!
    Toast again this morning and a little purée peach!
    Thanks so much for the recc's on the book. I'll be jumping online later to order it! Especially the cookbook one... Need ideas on what to give her!
    I'm very happy she is a good feeder from me. I know it's what's most important for her right now.

  6. Exciting, I'm really looking forward to trying BLW with Logan!

    I just googled it the other day and I think I found some interesting stuff on the babycenter website but first read about it on the already rec'd Homemade Heart blog.

    Must be tough that Abi is only interested in the boob! Hopefully this time around things go a little easier.


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