Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Abigail (SEVEN months old)

Dear Abigail,

Today you have turned SEVEN(7) months old!
I can't quite believe that you are already so close to turning one.
We have had another amazing month with you, made all  the more special that daddy has been home all this month and has been able to spend lots more time with you.
You a re now rolling over this way and that with so much ease!It makes you happy!
You absolutely have your voice now too!Always chatting away, squealing and laughing (especially when we tickle you!)
You can even sit up now!But I wouldn't walk to far away as you aren't yet that stable and it's always better to stand close by.
You hair is growing!But it's still so fluffy! And you are so blonde! I was so surprised when you were born with such dark hair!
You stop strangers in the street, the bank, the post office, restaurants, cafes EVERYWHERE! Always happy to offer a cheeky smile to get such beautiful compliments!Especially on your eyes!Oh so blue!And your thighs!Oh so chubby and delicious!

Finally you have started taking to eating solids!And boy do you make a mess!(Baby Led Weaning) but it's all good fun and it still seems that your favorite is milk... From mummy and not from a bottle... But we are working on it.

You are growing more and more beautiful every day and I am falling more and more in love with you. Take care and keep on smiling.

I love you.

Your Mummy. 


  1. OMG Abi is ADORABLE! I love the video. Wahoo she is eating solids!!!! What a brave new world :)

  2. She's so lovely!

  3. *lol* That is such a lovely video of Abi.

  4. I love that video!
    Wow 7 months... how unbelieveable!
    How nice for everyone that you hubby has been home the whole month.. Glad she is enjoying the BLW.

  5. such a cutie pie!

    I can't believe it's been 7 months since Abi was born, time sure is flying.

    Sounds like everything is going onwards and upwards for all of you :)

  6. These months are just flying by, Sammie. I know it seems longer when the bubba is yours, but then again, as you say, sometimes it doesn't!

    Very cute video. You will treasure this one even more down the track! x

  7. Thanks for your lovely comments!
    I love my new iPhone and taking little video clips of our daughter!
    I make sure I download them to the computer straight away so I never loose them!


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