Monday, March 26, 2012

Cold Snap Purchases

We are in Melbourne at the moment and there has been a bit of a cold snap.
After seeing this lovely jumper on Peanut Butter and Honey - Blog the other day (and I've seen it a few times before I knew I had to have it!


So I did a bit of shopping around and found it for $99.95 on Fertile Mind.
With a sign up you can get 10% off!
I also bought this wrap/poncho/scarf thingy that looks perfect for breastfeeding too!


Now, I'm not sure how long I am still planning to feed Abi, but these two items will still be perfect after award and I can always hand them over to my sister and use them for number 2!

I have hardly bought anything for myself lately. And I hardly spend anything on maternity or breastfeeding clothes and I'm so over everything I have. It will be a nice change to have a few new nice pieces to add to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe!

And at $7 postage!!! I couldn't resist!


  1. I know what you mean about not shopping for yourself! Plus all the breastfeeding stuff is so expensive (& generally pretty blah) but looks like you got some good things :)

    I did a shop for myself a couple of weekends ago and feel so much better about my wardrobe now! Even if I am living out of suitcases with no wardrobe to speak of haha

  2. Sammie, the jumper and the poncho look fantastic. :)


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