Wednesday, February 1, 2012

stuck at home

On Monday I was stuck at home waiting for the courier to bring me my new iphone!!!
It didn't arrive... Boo. Some mix up with delivery and I wont get it till today.

It was hot too, so I had no need or want to really go anywhere anyway. But the problem was what were we going to have for dinner? Having been away, then having Australia day etc... I haven't really done much shopping and there isn't much in the house.

I scrounged around and found

A sad looking carrot, zucchini in the same state, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and some onion
Well... What can I do with that stuff???
I checked out the freezer and found mince and frozen pastry. PIE! bit hot for pie, but hey. I'm not leaving the house...

I Chopped it all up and popped it in a frying pan to cook

Then added good old Gravox and reduced it down to a 'pie' consistency 

I only had puff pastry so I cooked the base first using my cute little heart pastry weights

And then I forgot to take anymore photos! But all I did was pop the meat and vegie mix in the base, pop a top on and cook that off till the top was crunchy and brown!

I felt so good using all the stuff we had in the house. The vegies would have ended up in the garbage that night (Monday night fridge clean out)
I'm so sick of wasting stuff and especially food. So it's my mission to start using up everything and to have minimal waste.

Ever made 'something' from 'nothing' and it turn out great, bad or somewhere in between?


  1. Sammie you are a domestic goddess!

    Just whipping up a pie... I wish I could do that & I can't even use Logan as an excuse :)

  2. It feels good to make something good out of whatever you can find doesn't it. We got home from our holiday on Monday night and had next to no food in the house but went out to the garden and found ripe corn, carrots, beans, tomatoes and cucumber so we had a very yummy and healthy dinner. So good.


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