Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Photo a day Challenge

I didn't jump on the January bandwagon, but have decided to do February.
See over here at FMS
Not sure that I will get a chance to post my photos every single day, so I will take them, but probably post them once a week.

Day one. February 1st - Your view today - The rainy hazy view from my bedroom balcony at 9.30am. Can you see Centrepoint Tower?

Have you, did you, are you taking part in a photo a day challenge?


  1. I tried the 30 Day Photography Challenge but stupidly started it about a week before going on holiday. I gave up in the end! Good luck with your challenge though :)

  2. I can't make up my mind if I want to do this or not. If I did I think I'd just post at the end of the month with all of them. I'm already struggling with updating my Logan photo a day blog.

    Can you send some of the Sydney weather over here, it's so hot & gross today.

  3. yep I'm doing it on intragram!

  4. I've tried a couple through but never get past about 5 or 6 days :(
    Good luck!


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