Monday, January 30, 2012

Starting Solids

Just wanted to share a little video with you...
Abi is so totally totally uninterested in solids.
We tried a few weeks ago for about 2 weeks with no luck. Decided to give it a break and start again today... Not much luck again today, but we will keep persevering.

Got any tips you can share?


  1. If she isn't interested I would just let it go for now. She is only about 5 months old? We breastfed our twins and they didn't start solids until closer to 7 months. Our second didn't start solids til she was 9 months old (we tried and tried...she wasn't interested) and now she is our heartiest eater and always was our best grower. She towers over her older sister. If your breastfeeding I thought they didn't recommend starting solids til 6 months? (Of course every book says something different and it has probably changed dramatically in the 8 years since I have had a baby). This might help a bit -

    Good luck and remember to follow her lead.

  2. Gosh, Abi is just so darned cute! Look at that little face! :)

    That reaction is about normal for the first few mouthfuls though. Baby C made that face at the first mouthful of every meal for the first 6 months of solids. Abi is still learning how to use her mouth to eat (rather than suck) which is why she's blowing raspberries and moving her tongue around her mouth.

    My advice is to keep trying the same foods; banana and mango sounds nice to me! :)

    Better to start early and get there in the end than start too late and struggle with playing catch up to the weight chart.

    Good luck! Enjoy the ride.

  3. Love this video!

    Abi will let you know when she is ready. Georgi was always in the bumbo at meal times, and would watch us eat till she became curious and wanted food too.

    Have you tried really bland food, mashed pot? blended rice? thats how we started :D

  4. Abi is adorable! Can't wait for my little man to arrive :)

    I'm not a mum, but my mum friends swear by Baby Led Weaning (there's a book and cookbook about it). Basically it's about bubs eating family foods and not needing to puree or have special foods. As a dietitian, this makes complete sense to me and is what I'll be trying in about 6 months time when my baby arrives.

    Re: when to start solids - WHO recommends exclusive BF till 6 months, but I understand that there is lots of debate about this and experts pushing for this to be moved back to 4 months. I think the main thing is to keep breast milk as the primary source of nutrition and trial solids when bub shows signs of being ready without expecting it to be a nutritionally complete diet. Enough dietitian talk now! :)

  5. Hi there.. My first gal started solids bang on 6 months. She was quite interested by then, so ate well, but didn't graduate to 'three square meals a day' until about 9.5 or 10 months.

    With my current bub, born on 16 Sept, I won't even try until 6 months. She's feeding well and putting on weight, and TBH she's more interested in food than her sister was... I'm just not looking forward to the mess from then on!

  6. Thanks everyone for your ideas, thoughts and suggestions.
    At first I felt that baby led wasn't for us, but I have been thinking about it lately and need to do some research.
    I'm not overly concerned that she's not yet accepting solids, but she seems to show such interest when we eat! We will give it time, continue to try different things and look into baby led...

  7. I wouldn't be concerned yet - I found a book in the library called Baby Solids by Annabel Karmel (she has a very comprehensive website with tips & recipes too - and have been trying little bits of the "first foods" after one breastfeed each day. He has very strong preferences already - so just keep trying little tastes of things until you hit a winner. Today we're going for avocado....mmmmm


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