Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Baby

I been a little busy this week with attending my work conference and other stuff...
But more on that later.
Today we went to QVB in Sydney and Abi met Santa!


  1. Love it! Abi, I hope Santa gives you lots of presents x

  2. Too cute and even a rare smile - only one of 5 friends have managed to get a smiley photo with santa from their bubbas. Other looks ranged from all out screaming to the evil eye ha ha.

  3. That's cute! Eve went well with Santa but I wonder how they'll go next year?

  4. Gorgeous, we need to take Logan to meet Santa but I'm a bit nervous!

  5. Thank you! She was so well behaved! Just crusin sitting in Santas lap! No smiles, but no neck either!!! She does have one! But she has lots of chins too!


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