Friday, December 2, 2011

Let me entertain you

As Abi gets older, she is awake for longer streches of time. Although she is now much happier to spend time alone, I still need things to keep her entertained.
As much as we wouls all like to have beautiful wooden toys and no plastic crap stuff, it really can serve its purpose in keeping the little one entertained.

Rather than spend an absolute fortune buying everything new, I decided to trawl Ebay and try my luck...
We picked up a Bumbo (including the tray) for $28 !

We are still working on our posture and it requires a lot of practice and patience.

But one of my best finds to date was an activity gym! It's Fisher Price and retails for over $200.
I paid $10.50 Yes, thats right! Ten Dollars and Fifty Cents! It's like new! And Abi LOVES it! It's got lights, music and lots going on!

Picked up any bargains lately?

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  1. ohhhh I love a bargain! Must say I picked up 3 vintage smocked baby dresses for $12 on ebay recently. Activity gyms are the best but like all things, they grow out of stuff so quickly so it is awesome when you get it for the right price. Have you checked out the baby and kids market? You can pick up some brilliant stuff there. I can also understand why toy libraries have such long waiting lists:)


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