Friday, October 7, 2011

Spoilt chickadee

Did you know that Pumpkin Patch are having a sale?
Online and in store. Online there is free shipping!
It's 40% off then an extra 20% off with the promotional code AUVP

I don't really love Pumpkin Patch stuff... Well I don't like the slogan stuff and the ones that you "know" are from Pumpkin Patch...

This is what I bought.
Bought in 6-12 months size for next year
Bought in 6-12 months for next year.
Bought in 6-12 months for next year.
Bought in 3-6 months - hopefully perfect for winter!
Bought in 6-12 months for next year. 
Cute for Summer! Bought in 0-3 months.
Bought in 0-3 months! Can't wait to see this on for Summer!

In total all this cost us $87 delivered! I'm pretty damn impressed! I'm looking forward to receiving this stuff in the mail soon!!!

Abi has so many clothes... But I figure these are really well priced so why not?
Why on earth anyone would bother paying full price for stuff these days is beyond me... Especially babies... They grow so quickly!

The sale finishes tonight, so hop on and grab some bargains!


  1. OMG sooooooooo adorable! I LOVE the last pink onsie :D I had a quick look online last night, but D needed the computer. I'm so putting an order through today for newborn things :)

  2. Lily has the same red and white onesie. I'm not a big big fan of pumpkin patch either but when things are on sale why not??


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