Thursday, October 6, 2011

Back in town!

We are back! We had an awesome time in Melbourne. I'm quite sure that Abi misses her nana, pop, aunty and uncles just as much as me :-(

We really didn't do much while away, just spent loads of quality time with family and had loads of cuddles. We chatted to the dogs and the cows and even got to see two calves being born! Checked out the shed and the trees and much much more that you can do on a mini farm.
Abi was sensational on both flights! She slept the whole time! I had a dummy (I hate it... But...) and a bottle of expressed milk ready just in case and both were not needed.

Abi slept really well except for one night and we are even starting to get 6-7 hour stints of sleep at night! Woop Woop!!!
We are now only waking once in the night for a feed and then it's not again till a very reasonable time in the morning!

Abi got to meet many many many of her extended family. Including great grandparents.
She slept through the whole of the AFL grand final much to my mum's disappointment... Mum is a Collingwood supporter and had bought a little outfit and hat for the occasion... As a Carlton supporter (along with all the rest of my family) I was not too impressed, but allowed it as a once only. Such a shame they lost... NOT!!!

Lots and lots of photos were taken, but here is one very special one to share...

My nana who will be 70 in January. My mum (This was taken on Sunday which was her 51st birthday), myself and Abi.
Four generations of women. My mum is the oldest child, I am the oldest and was the first grand child and then Abi who is the first great grand daughter. My nana was a great grandma a few years ago, as my cousin has two young boys.

I have been catching up on every ones blogs, and am now going back to doing that while feeding Abi!


  1. Welcome back. What a special picture to have. Abi looks like she's loving all the attention! I'm with you on the AFL result. So sad..hahaha :-)

  2. Sounds like you had a blast!

    Yes so very disappointing Collingwood lost - NOT!!!

  3. What a beautiful pic, so special all 4 generations :)


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