Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Additions

Not just yet!
But we have some news and some toys!

My great friend Philippa is FINALLY back in AUS after 7 weeks in Europe visiting family and friends.
We caught up yesterday and first she gave me some wonderful wonderful news!!! She is pregnant! This will be their second child. They already have Hania who is 15 months old and a little superstar!
I haven't seen her so long and at first she didn't recognise me, but it didn't take long and we were back to being friends! It was amazing to see how much she had changed and is now walking and talking!

So first new addition - New baby on the way!!!
Next additions... Kindly donated for our use from Philippa...

Baby Bjorn

Fisher Price Rocker

Safe and Sound Baby Capsule

They have also lent us their baby bath and little baby rest that goes in the bath, another carrier/sling thing and also bought back a huge bag of baby girl clothes from the UK!

We are very very lucky and it is a huge blessing to be able to borrow this stuff. Such a saving!

Bless them.

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  1. Wahoo for generous friends! You are right it is a big saving.. especially on those items which only get used for the first 6 months or so.. It will work out well as by the time you are finished with them she will be ready for some of our hand-me-downs.
    Congrats to Phillipa!


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