Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Belly Bandit

Did you?
Would you?
Will you?


This is the question...

Seems that celebrities do

When I googled celebrity belly bandit this picture came up... I presume they used it?

They aren't cheap either!
About $75 and then there is the singlet option starting at around $100

I'd love some feedback if you could share...
Is it worth the $$$ 
I will be back to the gym once I can, but anything to help is always welcome, but I don't want to go spending all this money for something that I might not use or isn't worth it...


  1. I had one and loved it- got the bamboo one, nice and soft about $100 from memory. It really helped give me a bit of back support and helped suck that excess skin in- I had a lot though having had TWINS!!!

  2. I never used anything and I was back to pre-baby weight within a week!

    I say BREASTFEED BREASTFEED BREASTFEED!!! You'll drop weight like never before, well at least I did....

    Wait to see if you need it before you spend the money?

  3. Did it. Wouldn't recommend it. I had a lot of muscle separation so had to wear a special thing during pregnancy and was advised this would help post. It was way too cumbersome and the valcro was annoying. If you were wearing loose fitting tops/dresses it was fine but anything remotely fitted just didn't work. Also annoying with breastfeeding/sitting down, as it would ride up and get in the way of the boobies.

  4. I was thinking about doing it, then I read Jgee's comment and now am not so sure. I may hunt around for reviews of other compression garments for post partum bellies at this stage.

  5. Have never actually tried the belly bandit so can't make direct comparsion but I just wore tummy control knickers.. the ones that come up to just below you bra line. Helped pull in my tummy and had the bonus of leaving stomach covered when top was lifted to breastfeed.
    The other advantage is that they don't ride up when you sit down and no seams or velcro bits to add bulk so nice and smooth under your t-shirt.

  6. i got the bamboo one and i didn't find it would ride up but you could see it under clothes unless you have layers.

    I felt good with it on, I felt comfortable and felt it was good support. It's a long time to wear it (I think they recommend 8 weeks) but I think it did help me get my tummy back (along with breastfeeding)


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