Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Light me up baby!

The lights in our living area are (we think) pretty horrid...

The rosette features are lovely and in excellent condition. A great feature of the house.
So now we need to decide what we are going to replace them with?
Chandelier? Old style? Retro? unique?
A plain 'normal' light?
What? I just don't know...

But I have found this which I think could be pretty good for our bedroom.
Chandelier-ish but not too over the top?

Problem is I was google searching and searching and now I can't remember where I saw this one?
I'd imagine it is fairly common though so can probably try a few different places and I'm sure to find it.




  1. Love the rosette feature on your ceiling. Not sure where you could find that chandelier but it's gorgeous. I hope you find it!


  2. I love your blog. Seems like we have something in common---New house, and bub on the way. And both voguettes!
    Keep doing what your doing - I love the layout of your blog it's really sophisticated.


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