Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hey Big Spender

Last week I was at Broadway Shopping Centre and I popped into K-Mart (I don't know what for now though?)
While I was there, I thought "why not! Lets look at the baby stuff!"

And this is what I stumbled upon!

Little swimmer bottoms! I bought a 00 and a 000 because I have no idea how big Buggy is going to be in Summer! One little ruffle at the front and three on the bottom! CUTE! Ah... 50 cents each! YES! Score!

A little rashie for Buggy too! Goes with her little swimmer bottoms! At the grand price of $1

This cute little top for $1 Can you believe it! (Though I think the tag says $1.03...)

I have also been on ebay quite a bit lately, what ever possessed me to start baby clothes searching... BAD BAD move... but not so much when you can pick up a cute little pinafore dress for 99 cents plus $5 postage!!! It's brand new! Still with the tags attached!

And just for good measure, and because I liked what I am wearing today... Here is a 25.5 week belly shot!

It's actually not that great a shot... But, I have on my Cue blazer that I love, Target grey and black striped maternity/breast feeding top, black stretchy Target maternity skirt, black opaque stocking and I'm still in heels! Black suede ones from DJ's


  1. What cute little clothes, you have great taste! I am just about to post about some of the bargains I have picked up from ebay and garage sales. Unbelievable prices and anything under single 0 are either brand new or won once of twice. I love the little swimmers - I'll have to go and have a look at our kmart over here!

  2. Baby clothes shopping quickly turns into an addiction!! I have had to stop myself for going nuts! I thought that I picked up a bargin at Target with $6 rompers hahah.

    You look great for 25 weeks! I was about as small as you are, not even wearing maternity clothes :) Not so small now though at 34

  3. bargain, should pick some up for my expecting friend, she'd love the little swimmers!

  4. Spark! Can't wait to see what bargains you have come past!!!
    Leah - how great is it to not "Have" to wear maternity clothes! I was slowly running out of things to wear so while Target had their buy one get the second half price sale I thought why not! And now hopefully they last me right throughout me pregnancy and winter!
    I have hardly bought anything 'maternity' and I'm now going t otry and get by without buying anything else... We will see...
    Jaclyn - get yourself to K-Mart now! Your friend will love those little swimmers!!!

  5. Sammie, those baby clothes look so cute. I looooove the rashie! Can't believe the price either. I may have to drop by Kmart soon.

  6. I knew Kmart was cheap but not that cheap. I need to pay a visit too.

    You look great by the way!

  7. Lovely bump Sammie- it's coming along nicely.

    Those swimmers are adorable!


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