Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Yesterday was HOT.
Last night was HOT.
It is still HOT.
I am 10 weeks pregnant with nausea that lasts most of the day god damn it. This is KILLING me.
We are expected to get a cool change come through around lunch time today. It can't come fast enough.

Taken from the Sydney Morning Herald on line

Sydney has sweated through its hottest night on record to end its longest heatwave, but relief is only hours away.
The overnight low of 27.6 degrees was one degree higher than the previous record of 26.6, which occurred in February 1973.
It was still 33.2 degrees at midnight - seven degrees above the average daytime maximum temperature.
The sweltering night followed a record-breaking seven days of temperatures over 30 degrees, a feat never before seen in 150 years of records of Sydney weather.
Western suburbs also broke records with eight consecutive days hotter than 35 degrees.
Yesterday, the mercury peaked at 41.5 degrees in the city, 42.2 degrees at the airport and 41 degrees in Penrith.
It has been decided. We are putting air conditioning in when we finally do these renovations. I don't care how much it costs.


  1. Yuck you poor things :(

    Sometimes the heat is nice but not if it lasts into the night.

    I hope it cools down for you soon (and the nausea goes away!).

  2. oh yuck. Hot nights are the pits! Makes it so hard to sleep.. and you are probably feeling really tired at the moment..

    A bucket of ice infront of your pedestal fan is a bit like an airconditioner.. makes a nice cool breeze..
    I also liked filling up one of those foot massage things with cold water felt beautiful after a day at work out in the hot sun..

    at least it will be cooling off in a few months and you'll be in winter and spring for the bulk of your pregnancy.. heat gets harder and harder to handle as you get bigger!


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