Sunday, January 23, 2011

We have a new toy!

Our new toy!
Our new Macbook Pro!
Here I am typing and blogging away right now on it!
I LOVE it!!!
We have had a very quiet weekend. I was exhausted after my conference.
Still getting quite a lot of nausea which is not pleasant.
Had a session with the Reiki lady yesterday which was again very interesting and great. I feel so calm and peaceful after it. She thinks I'm having a girl?

Lots going on. Lots to tell. So should be a busy week in blog land for me...


  1. HI
    There book is called I do no what? I am half way through it and is just like an episode of the show the way the write alternating paragraphs - I got it from amazon
    Good luck with the scan!

  2. That is meant to be I do now what? also don't forget to enter my beauty giveaway before 31 Jan!

  3. Toys!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awe no fun with the nausea I really hope it goes away soon for you.

  4. New computer - that's exciting.
    Hope the nausea passes soon. I think (hope) you'll have a girl mostly because every person I know that had a baby in 2010 (about 16 people I reckon) had a boy. It's time to even up the numbers!


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