Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love my mum!

Mum and I on my wedding day

It was my mums birthday on Saturday. She turned 50. She doesn't look it does she! And she has a 30 year old daughter (me) so how could she be only 50?!?!?!?
Mum found out she was pregnant with me when her and dad were only 18. They then turned 19 and then a few months later I was born. And now here we are.
On Saturday night mum and dad threw a big bash to celebrate turning 50. Dad's birthday is the 1st of September so being only a month apart what a prefect excuse to P.A.R.T.Y!
And that we did. The same people Prestige Event Hire that did my sisters wedding also set up for mum and dad's party. The band was the same band that my sister had for both her engagement party and wedding. Keith the band leader is a customer of dads and now they are friends.
We had a cake made by a local up and coming girl in the town where they live. We even had a photographer!!! (And as soon as I get those pictures, I will post them up!)
We had a great night celebrating with about 150 nearest and dearest to mum and dad. We danced, we ate, we drank and we laughed. We had a ball!!!
My sister and I even had to give a speech! What did we say? What do  you say to the "Best Parents in the world" ??? Well you tell all the guests exactly that! And you also let them know how amazing and wonderful they have been through your entire life.
My sister put if right when she said that this speech was going to be harder than our own weddings or even the Maid of Honour speech we both made at each others weddings. But we believe that we did a great job, and many many people told us so. We spoke from the heart and in the end that's all you can do.


  1. You guys are obviously a very close family- it's beautiful.

  2. Makes up for my horrid inlaws... (of which I refuse to actually call them inlaws)

  3. Love that photo.

    P.s. Feeling you on the inlaws.


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