Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walking Walking Walking

Today I am walking EVERYWHERE...

I had to drop my car off for a service (long overdue)
It does mean that I get to "work" from home... And yes, I do get more done. But there is also the temptations of Internet surfing, lunch with girlfriends (of which I just got home from) and even the washing!

I had a lovely lunch with Philippa, Nicole and Charon and the kids too! Such a lovely sunny day in Sydney today! And now I smell of babies.
But now I'm home... Thought I'd quickly update little bloggy here and then get back to some work...

Tomorrow I'm off to Melbourne to mum and dad's birthday!!! I'm so very excited! Really looking forward to catching up with everyone!!!

Don't forget to check out Polka dot bride! The lovely EmmieGemmie of Desert Darling (formally West Aussie Wedding) wedding is featured! Such a beautiful bush wedding. Serious wedding envy here today...

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  1. Hey Sweets!
    Aww thanks for the wedding love..

    I have always dreamed of working from home- though can't imagine I'd be that productive. Hope you managed to get some work done :)

    Have a great time in Melbs with your family

    PS. I have tagged you, just for fun (though no pressure if its not your thing!)


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