Tuesday, September 28, 2010

About time

I finally picked up my wedding dress  today....
We have only been married for 5 months!
It's sitting in the back seat of my car, all boxed up with a cute ribbon around it.
So now what?
What will I do with it now?

I will tell you what I'm doing with it! Taking it straight to my mum and dad's house! It's going to sit in the spare room (my old bedroom) next to my sisters dress. And that's it. Nothing else.

Seems such a waste really.


  1. Just quietly, mine is still scrunched up at the bottom of the bag where I threw it on our wedding night. Um... going on eight years now... x

  2. I still havent even parted ways with my formal dress

  3. It took me a while to pick mine up too.. I didnt get it boxed so its just on a hanger stuffed in my wardrobe with all the other dresses I will never wear again- does seem a bit sad!


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