Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Present

The Painting

The Tractor - Taken at my sisters wedding

The dog - Micky

So dad LOVED the painting!
We had a great night celebrating with family and friends, but it was hard to wake up this morning at what felt like the crack of dawn to jump on a plane and come home.
So so glad we went and dad was very very surprised! Probably happier to see my husband than me though! ha ha!
Dad restored this Massey Ferguson tractor and it is all shiny red! Took him ages to do it, but it is pretty impressive. I thought I would put a picture of it up that had my sister and her husband in it so you can see them too! They got married on my parents property in November 2009. It was a wonderful wedding and was nice and close to bed too!
Micky the dog. Well this dog just loves my dad. He was named after Mick Dohan (by my 2 younger brothers) the motorbike racer because of his 'grey' hair Mick is about 13 now and we don't think he will be around for long. He has earned the right in our family to be put on canvas! He is a great wonderful very loyal dog. The 2 x puppies (picture another day) aren't there just yet. They are two crazy creatures (But very cute!)
Very tired now, so will be dinner, a bit of tele and early to bed for us. Friday tomorrow! YAY!!! 

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  1. that has got to be one of the most awesome, thoughtful presents I've ever seen! Your Dad must have been so stoked! And how wonderful that you were able to fly down as a surprise- he must have had the best birthday ever- and it sounds as though he totally deserved it too.


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